The College provides wide range of co-curricular activities to the students such as teaching practice, intramural & extramural activities,leadership training camp,village placement programme and project meet for all round personality development.

Students Union

The Students Union comprises of Secretary, Joint Secretary, Intramural and Extramural Secretaries for various on and off campus activities.

Internship Practice Teaching

As part of the learning programme the B.P.Ed trainees are sent for internship practice teaching to various schools.


Intramural committee shall consist of Intramural Director, Secretary and Joint Secretary and Unit Leaders. Its motto is “A game for each and each for a game”. The inter group activities are organized throughout the year.

The objective of Intramural is to provide an opportunity to the students to develop their skills, to gain knowledge on the rules and regulations of the games and to enhance sportsmanship qualities besides providing experience in officiating.


Extramural activities are compatible with the overall objectives of physical education. It offers ample scope for the students to develop leadership qualities, students initiation and healthy competition.

Leadership Training Camp

The leadership training camp is organized for a period of one week in an academic year with an objective of acquiring practical experience in camp life under different circumstances. It gives a fair chance to the students to exhibit their talents through cultural activities and other related craft works. It is a prerequisite training for Bachelor of Physical education students for the formal completion of the course.

Village Placement Programme

This lays foundation to rural children to unravel their inborn talent in various sports activities. The village placement programme also helps in identifying the talented rural children in order to enable them to pursue skills and techniques in the arena of competitive sports.

Project Meet

The project meets are organized by the students to enhance their professional qualities like organizing sports meet and developing officiating quality.

Play Festival

The College organizes play festival every year for the school children between the age group of 6 to 10 years. This provides an opportunity to promote recreational activities, to strengthen social relationship, to enhance leadership qualities and to take part in wholesome activities for the sake of fun, pleasure and enjoyment for the children.

Spiritual Activities

The college celebrates Sakthi Pooja, Sri Sarada Jayanthi and all religious festivals, to imbibe spiritual culture in the minds of women students in order to develop the sense of discipline and to lead a noble virtuous life.